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WMB Voltan
a WMB Hobo son out of a COO Zorro's Legacy doe

This is our Jr. herd sire, he has a herd index of 144% and is growing like a weed.
AVG Red Rocket
son of 22/89

This buck has a good frame and has grown well. We have kids on the ground from this buck and they are looking good.

Rocket's dam is Alice, she is one of the largest Kiko does the I have ever seen and a good mother. He is long of body and fast growing. 

We have sons and daughters for sale.

GHK Iron Phantom D37

Iron Phantom is a son of Iron Horse and SKY W725 Wilona.

More pictures to come later.

WMB Hobo

WMB Hobo is the most parasite resistance buck I have seen. He has color, musel and can fix bad udders. His daughters have the perfect udder and are great mothers.