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The Cream of the Crop sale was a great success. Top selling doe sold for $5,800.00 and the top selling buck sold for $5,400.00. 103 lots sold for $139,275.00 averaging $1,301.00 per lot.
We got a big pat on the back from a buyer.

Warren & Liz,
Thank you for the opportunity to purchase a couple of your great doelings. I could not be happier with Tansey and Dreamer. When I checked their eyes they could not have been any redder! While some folks were excited about "spots" I was very excited about your young girls. I did not get a chance at the sale to thank you so I just wanted to shoot you an email. Keep producing these wonderful tough Kikos and I'll keep buying them!

Our motto is "Breeding for Success". We have collected some of the superior original Kiko bloodlines, in both live bucks and semen. We believe the Kiko is the goat that thrives on range conditions and not just survives. The Kiko is well known for it's maternal qualities, parasite tolerance and excellent ranging abilities. With these thoughts in mind we are striving to breed a Kiko that will require the least amount of producer involvement and the most kids at weaning.

The Kiko Goat originated from New Zealand by crossing feral goats with dairy goats in the 1970s. Kiko is actually the Maori word for flesh or meat. They were developed for fast growth, survivability with little input from the producer and their hardiness. The Kiko breed was developed strictly for commercial meat production. The breed has no show ring competitions, there's no definitive color pattern or horn shape, the entire emphasis of the Kiko breed is on function rather than form. That being said, we've shown that the Kiko is not only an excellent meat producer but offers maternal and health characteristics critical to commercial production as well.